If you are committed and want to change so that you live a happy and contented life, then contact me so that we can talk through what you are looking for.


You can change right now by making this life changing chioce.


You can let go of a difficult past, feelings of anger, depression, stress, anxiety, fear or addictions, just like Marion and some of the wonderful clients she has worked with.






After just one session I knew that my life had changed forever. The transformation has just been incredible and I can't sing Marion's praises enough. Fear, anxiety and depression are no longer words associated with my life or my feelings. I'm now walking through life at ease.

Having spent the past 17 years reading self-help books and seeing various different therapists, I had preconceived ideas of how long it would take to start seeing results, if any! I also assumed that it would take a huge amount of effort and determination to get to the place that I wanted to be, and had a list as long as my arm of 'issues' I felt needed addressing.

After just one session I walked out of the door with a whole new outlook. I said goodbye to fear, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and low self-esteem and said 'HELLO' to Joy, happiness, gratitude, trust and an unconditional love for myself and others.

I still feel like I'm on cloud 9 and the fact that I know how to stay there is just the most amazing feeling. The best thing about it?... It was effortless!
Ishia. Nov, 2013

Catchup: in February, 2014 "I am still feeling great. Everyone has noticed the change in me. I love my new job and my relationships with everyone in my life, family, friends and my boyfriend and brilliant"

I am 25 years old and was sexually abused by my Grandad from as far back as my memory will take me. The abuse I suffered stopped when I was in my early teens but the pain was ongoing until I met Marion. Marion has saved me and made me realise that my past is my past and it doesn't have to define who I am now or in the future. Marion helped me deal with my self esteem issues and a drink problem. I met Marion in February when I decided I wanted to put an end to the long endured suffering I was going through. It is now April and I haven't had a drink in 7 weeks and my self esteem is rising daily.

I only wish I had met Marion sooner as she helped me turn my life around in a matter of weeks thanks to "The Whole Effect" programme. My journey with Marion may end soon but my thirst for self discovery lives on thanks to her.

I am 26 years old and was suffering from social anxiety and low self esteem. It had got to the stage where all I wanted to do was lay on the sofa and think negatively about myself, but then I met Marion and she taught me The Whole Effect and how to look inside myself and trust my instincts. I began to think positively about myself and my life. I now feel more whole as a person and wish I had met Marion and learnt about The Whole Effect years ago as it would have made my life so much easier.

Since meeting Marion I have learnt many things about myself and how to deal with aspects of my life that I have continually struggled with for years. Learning about The Whole Effect has opened my eyes and mind to how I can be in control simply by making conscious choices in life. This has been truly empowering for me and I am constantly learning new things about myself. Contacting Marion has made such a huge impact to my life, she is a truly wonderful person and I can't express my gratitude for the guidance she has given and still gives me. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

After the tragic death of my friend and the birth of my son, I suffered with PTSD and possible post natal depression. I was having nightmares and horrific flash backs. I then found Marion in the local directory and made myself an appointment. After just 1 session I started to feel better about myself and 6 months on I am making changes in my life for the better. Marion taught me the importance of how I think and what my feeling were telling me. I don't hide from my feelings anymore because I know that I can change them by listening to my intuition and let them go. I now choose how I want to think and have started living the life I always wanted.

Going to Marion has changed how I think and feel about the way I conduct my life now. When I first went to see Marion I was emotional and upset. I couldn't think straight and felt so desperate. I wanted to please everyone and yet never seem to please anyone. I had no confidence and everyday seemed like a fight to even get out of bed in the morning.

I had seen people through the NHS previously but alas it was always a quick fix which only seemed to pacify my needs for a short time. I always felt like I was booted out the door as soon as I had just begun.

Marion's therapy helped me to be always positive and to trust my instinct and never to feel as if I was wrong. She helped me to make positive decisions and never to reflect on them or talk myself down from them.

I live my life from the inside out. It's wonderful knowing that whatever is thrown at me in my life I can cope. I have been blessed by Marion's calming and positive therapies which I use every day. Nothing is a problem. I look at them as just one of life's curve balls that I can just pick up and throw back in the right direction.

I am able to make choices, not doubt myself and feel content. I don't allow others to put me down as I see this as them reflecting their own troubles and fears on to me. I have had the most amazing experience learning The Whole Effect and I am so proud to say my achievements' have come from Marion's teachings, where I learnt to get in touch with my own intuition. I would recommend Marion to anyone, she is a breath of fresh air.

Insightful Therapy is about living from the inside out. It's life-changing and very powerful. It helped me to recognize where my perceived limitations came from, so that I could change. I feel like I've grown and became more confident, but my biggest discovery was that if something feels right, it is right, even if it doesn't make sense. I'm very grateful to Marion Jorgensen for the time spent with me and helping me to become "more whole".

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