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Do you need help with anxiety, stress, depression, relationships issues, and addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or shopping. Or even symptoms that seem to plague you such as chronic fatigue, tinnitus, IBS, unexplained pain, arthritis and so much more.


I have a wealth of experience as a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Insightful coach.  I have been helping people like you for many years and have learnt from the best personal developers in the industry. 


I know how to help you change at your very core, become the person you were meant to be. Being  the REAL YOU will mean that you don't need to hold on to poor self esteem, becauseyou will automactially know what to do and how to behave in all parts of your life.  You can let go of bad habits and addictioins because you won't need them when you are "being you" in all parts of your life.


INSIGHTFUL THERAPY will help you understnad how you create the world you live in which is the cause of your problems and it will enable you to have wonderful insights that will change howyou feel inside.  You will learn how to listen to yourself more deeply.  The solutions to ALL your problems lies within you, you just need to know how to hear them properly so you can act upon them.



When you don't understand your symptoms and the feelings they create you spend time:


  • Depressing them
  • Worrying and feeling anxious about them
  • Ignoring them so that the only place they can be expressed is in your body through symptoms of pain and various health problems
  • Believing that other things such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, shopping and sex can give you happiness and fulfilment.

Many therapies today work with your symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence etc. So, with the best of intentions they will look at your beliefs, change your negative thoughts and work hard at releasing you from bad things that have happened in your past.


I will help you understand

  • Who you REALLY are and who you REALLY are meant to be.
  • How to listen to the feelings deep inside of you that are guiding you to live the happiest and most fulfilled life you could possibly have.
  • What your passions and purpose really are. 
  • How you create your problems and many ofyour symptoms via your thinking.
  • How to truly see that you do not have to believe everything you create in your mind.


Once you really understand these you will experience shifts in your perceptions that automatically let go of your worries, your symptoms, fears and beliefs.




By deepening your understanding about how life works you will be able to live a happier and more contended life


Call or email me to talk about how I can help you connect to who you REALLY are so that you can live a more peaceful life.




I can help you with these problems and many more by working with the CAUSE rather than your symptoms.  Email or contact me on 07712 537099 to find out more.




And I can also work with Head Mind problems such as:

Chronic fatigue symptoms





Sleep problems

High blood pressure




Anxiety disorders

Post-traumatic stress



Low self esteem




Stuck in the past and unable to see a future


Lack of passion and fulfilment

And also Emotional issues such as:

And Problems with other people:

Hurt             Frustration

Anger           Fear

Boredom       Grief





Conflict with anyone other than ourselves





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